• Calem Macdonnagh

    Calem Macdonnagh

    This foreigners auburn hair, stern features, and accent mark him as an outsider.
  • Fridna Heartpiercer

    Fridna Heartpiercer

    Fridna is a stern and beautiful girl with warpaint adorning her face.
  • Hroki and Tor

    Hroki and Tor

    This twins are only distinguishable by the scar Hroki bears above his left eye
  • Kunkka Keg-Slayer

    Kunkka Keg-Slayer

    A strong warrior and a drunk, Kunkka is fond of starting bar fights.
  • Skark the unslain

    Skark the unslain

    Tough as nails, Skark leads the battlepaw mercenaries in Einstock with ruthless determination.
  • Skygni Trollbiter, Thane of Einstock

    Skygni Trollbiter, Thane of Einstock

    This half-giant towers over his peers, golden hair pulled into tight braids and a stoic expression adorn his face
  • Snurre the Bloodied, Thane of Einstock

    Snurre the Bloodied, Thane of Einstock

    A shorter man with a red beard and black leather armor, Snurre's shield is heavily dented.
  • Stag Knights

    Stag Knights

    A suit of bloody dented armor sports a decaying stag head with a noxious green glow in its eyes.
  • Thora Brightmoss

    Thora Brightmoss

    A young girl, tall for her age, stands proudly with a sword on her hip and a devilish grin
  • Ysella Honeysweet

    Ysella Honeysweet

    This gorgeous woman always has a smirk on her face and smells of honey.