Kunkka Keg-Slayer

A strong warrior and a drunk, Kunkka is fond of starting bar fights.


Tall, blonde, and muscular, Kunkka is a figure of beauty, but her personality is more akin to that of a raging owlbear.


Often seen with a keg under her arm , Kunkka is a fixture at the Jarl’s meadhall and the local taverns. She earned her title by drinking down an entire keg of mead when a fellow warrior challenged her to a drinking contest. Kunkka is a well respected warrior in Einstock, her prowess in battle, especially while drunk, is unmatched, and she has spent many long summers on raids. Kunkka has an open challenge to anyone that can beat her in a “kegslaying”, downing an entire keg in a few hours, the winner will earn her respect and her maul “Marrowcruncher”. Kunkka accepts all challenges to her title of “Kegslayer” with enthusiasm and often treats rivals with a brash and violent nature.

Kunkka Keg-Slayer

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