Skark the unslain

Tough as nails, Skark leads the battlepaw mercenaries in Einstock with ruthless determination.


A persistently hunched Ermen with a dull purple coat and an eye patch, Skark carries about him an air of determination and ruthlessness.


Skark is the head of the Einstock Battlepaw Mercenary branch and has led them to glory many times over. He started as a low ranked mercenary hungry for adventure and danger. Skark routinely accepted dangerous missions with little chance of survival and often was the only one to return. Every bone in his body has been broken at least once and he lost his right eye to a troll. Skark quickly rose through the ranks of the Battlepaw and was eventually selected to lead the Einstock branch when its previous leader Frelk was killed attempting to eliminate the ogre tribes of the Blood Hills. Skark has proven an efficient leader and cunning strategist that has led the Einstock Battlepaws to glory.

Skark the unslain

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