Skygni Trollbiter, Thane of Einstock

This half-giant towers over his peers, golden hair pulled into tight braids and a stoic expression adorn his face


Standing almost 9 feet tall Skygni is an imposing mountain of muscle. His long golden hair is braided elaborately and his armor is keenly polished. Always at attention Skygni has an air of authority and respect surrounding him that few can deny.


Skygni Trollbiter is a hillborn of great strength. Standing nine and a half feet tall he is imposing, loud, and to many, brutish. Skygni fought alongside the Jarl’s grandfather when Jarl Gordun Rockseeker sought to take his lands. Durring the battle of bleakhold Skygni was saved by the Jarl and pledged his life to protecting him and his family. He has stood by their bloodline ever since, serving and protecting their family and acting as the head of Einstocks “city guard”. Skygni is a man who believes he has found his purpose in life and is willing to die for it; protecting the jarl and his lands is his top priority. Skygni is often found at the Jarl’s side, standing silent and vigilant. After numerous steins of mead Skygni becomes a roaring drunk, shouting boasts and picking fights, a reason he often stays away from alcohol. One thing he can always be counted on to do is tell the story of his byname, something he is very proud of.

Skygni Trollbiter, Thane of Einstock

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