Snurre the Bloodied, Thane of Einstock

A shorter man with a red beard and black leather armor, Snurre's shield is heavily dented.


Snurre is often adorned in black leather armor and carries a dented shield. As a thane of Einstock his shield bears the crest of Einstock and its Jarl. Bromi’s red hair and heavily scared face are his most striking features.


Snurre the Bloodied earned his byname after returning form every battle he fought drenched in the blood of himself and his enemies. Snurre was first to volunteer on the summer raids at every opportunity and brought back wealth and glory year after year. When Snurre was 22 the Half-Giant Bolgrun Thunderkiller laid siege to Einstock in an attempt to capture it for his own. Snurre fought on the front lines and saved the Jarl’s life earning him a position as thane. Ever since Snurre has fervently served the Jarl as his bodyguard.

A man of few words, Snurre prefers to settle thing with actions, rarely thinking before he does so. This has often led to bloody conflicts between him and his enemies. Regardless of his actions Snurre has proved invaluable to Jarl Bromi and is a renowned warrior .

Snurre the Bloodied, Thane of Einstock

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