Thora Brightmoss

A young girl, tall for her age, stands proudly with a sword on her hip and a devilish grin


Standing over 4 feet tall Thora is unique among changelings and human children alike. Thora keeps a neat disposition; she is always sure to maintain proper posture, courtesy, and does her best to remain civil. Thora’s features are close to that of a 13 year old girl and it is rare that someone takes her for a changeling at first glance, but upon closer inspection her ears do taper to points and her eyes glitter with dull starlight. Wrapped in furs and mossy leather with a shortsword at her waist Thora looks more like a child playing pretend than an actual warrior.


Thora was taken by the fey perhaps a year or two late and thus had developed more than other changelings prior to being exposed to the fey energies of their parents. As a result Thora is more mature both physically and mentally, though she retains he childlike fascination and sense of humor she is able to suppress it and focus on bigger issues. When her calling came Thora left the fey of her homeland and wandered north, finding herself in Seahold, living off the land as an herbalist and hunter of beasts, making a somewhat comfortable living for herself. Eventually Thora joined the trappers guild and took up her current name, using her changeling name Brightmoss as a last name, to fit in. Thora is a skilled herbalist and a competent fighter despite her size and physique.

Thora Brightmoss

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