“What you, I, or anyone else says about our past is of no consequence, all that matters is who we are now. So you can tell your stories about capricious fey and giant kings, I shall be making a story worth telling.” Brungir, The Black Shield of Ustwall

The true origins of half-giants is unknown, but all have their theories. The most common story tells of a fey queen who fell in love with a tyrannical giant and unable to have children of their own she used her magic to create the half-giants. Many half-giants don’t believe this story and refuse to concern themselves with the various theories on their origins, striving to make a name for themselves and their race instead of uncovering what they believe to be a pointless history.

As strong as a the mountain and tall as the oak

Standing nearly 9 feet tall the half-giants tower over the races by several feet but their height alone is not their only imposing feature. Half-giants, much like the creatures from which they take their name posses great strength and endurance and are prized as warriors and laborers by the communities they join. As a race with no kingdom and very little culture of their own they tend to form close knit bands or integrate into other societies. A half-giants features may vary from one to the next depending on their giant parentage.

Of Clan and Family
Half-giants form clans with one another, small groups of a few families or individuals that preside over an area. A clan take sit name from a specialty or location, The ice tooth clan for instance, takes their name from their spears, which are tipped with the teeth of Ice tigers and The Plainswalkers are a nomadic tribe of half-giants that wander the frozen plains. Half-giant young that are born into clans are encouraged to find new clans or found their own, and as such a half-giant will wander from clan to clan, joining many in his lifetime. Sometimes a half-giant may take a city names, or the name of a group of individuals, as his clan name, bringing honor and prestige to both.

The Destined
A rare few half giants are born with red hair, among them this is considered a sign of prestige and great things to come. Half-giants born with red hair are referred to as destined and treated with reverence by others of their kind for they know their deeds will be great. The destined are often able to see the threads of fate and many become powerful Voelva or peerless warriors.

Half-Giant names

Half-giants are encouraged to name themselves and view the idea of being named after another individual abhorrent. The reason for this is their desire to bring honor and legend to their names to help establish their place in the world and it is seen as a mockery and great dishonor to bear the name of another. That being said Half-giants to take a last name, also called a clan name. Clan names are usually derived from the half giants-clan but a half giant may take the name of a prominent city in which it lived, a mercenary company to which h it belonged or a location important to it as a “clan-name”. A half-giant will take many clan names throughout his life as he drifts from clan to clan and city to city.

Male names: Voolkelt, Varl, Karjeckt, Hordeck, Brungir
Female Names: Noomi, Valsida, Koriah, Jeema
Clan Names: Ice Tooth, IronHold, Strand, Plainswalker, Rock Hammer

Half-Giant Traits

Ability score increase: Your Strength score increases by 2
Age: Half-giants are fully grown by age 30 and considered adults at age 50. The lifespan of a half-giant averages several hundred years with the oldest recorded half-giant being 345 years.
Size: Half-Giants stand between 7 ½ -9 feet tall and average 470lbs. Your size is large.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Low Light Vision: You can see twice as far as normal in conditions of low or dim light.
Thick Hide: The thick hide of your giant heritage grants you a +1 natural armor bonus to AC as long as you aren’t wearing heavy armor.
Imposing Stature: You have advantage on Intimidate checks
Tool Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the artisan’s tools of your choice: Smith’s tools, Brewer’s supplies, woodcarver’s tools, or carpenter’s tools.
Giants Strength: Even the weakest of half-giants has incredible muscle mass and bone structure. You have advantage on Strength checks to lift, push, drag, or break things.
Subrace: Choose one of the three half-giant subraces

Frostborne: Sharing their pale blue skin and white hair with the frost giants, the Frostborne are hearty and resistant to the cold. They live prefer to live solitary lives or in small communities with others of their kind, while not anti social the Frostborne just like to keep to themselves.
Ability Score increase: Your constitution increases by 1
Born of Frost: You have resistance to cold damage

Hillborn: The hillborn are an enigma to many as they are fall more intelligent and even far less ugly than the giants from which they take their name. The hill born are the most well integrated into society, forming large communities with other races and working to strengthen their community. Many humans find Hillborn to be the most acceptable of all the giantkin because of the close resemblance they bear to humans. Hillborns often had tan skin and black hair, though other skintones and hair colors are not unheard of.
Ability Score increase: Your Charisma increases by 1
Tough and enduring: Your hit point maximum increase by 1, and increases by 1 again every time you gain a level.

Cragborn: The cragborn are descended form the ancient stone giants who once populated the mountains of the land. Even though the stone giants have gone into their deep earth hibernation the cragborn can still be seen fairly often, Most live solitary lives, exploring the peaks their supposed ancestors once called home in search of the stone giants lost kingdoms. However, a few cragborn take up arms as mercenaries and adventurers, though they tend to switch employers and parties frequently in attempt to find their place in the world. The cragborn have tough smooth skin that resembles marble and dark eyes and while they can grow hair many choose to shave themselves bald save for an elaborate braid.
Ability score increase: Your wisdom increases by 1
Darkvision: You have darkvision out to 60 feet.
Mountaineer: You add your proficiency bonus to athletics check mad in mountainous terrain.


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