Human (Volsag)

The humans of the frozen wastes, islands, mountain ranges, and eldritch forests of Bjorg are a strong and hearty people well accustomed to lives of violence and harsh weather. The Volsag were the first humans created by the loom, and it is from them that all others sprang during the age of paragons.

Strong and Proud

Violent, rowdy, and barbaric are words often used to describe the Volsag. Skilled and fearsome warriors the Volsag live harsh and dangerous lives in their native home of Bjorg. On average the Volsag stand six feet tall, with the men a few inches taller than the women, which lends to their fearsome reputation amongst the other human races. Typically they have blonde hair, though lighter browns and even red is not uncommon. The Volsag take pride in their physical appearance with both men and women putting their hair into elaborate braids, adorning themselves with jewelry and trinkets, and embroidering their clothes with intricate designs. This tendency is seen by many others as a humorous dichotomy tot heir violent nature and propensity for raiding.

The Volsag are the oldest of the human races, despite that they are treated as the least civilized. Their worldview is one where might makes right and the strength and deeds of men are the qualities by which he should be judged, as a result the Volsag strive to achieve strength and legend amongst their people.

Throughout the Eastern and Southern kingdoms the Volsag are known for their frequent raids and pillaging of the coastal communities for riches and slaves.

Ability score increase: You choose two stats to increase by 1
Age: Humans are considered adults by the age of 15 and generally live into their 80’s, though the average lifespan of Volsag tends to be much shorter due to death by violence.
Size: Volsag reach 6 feet in height and on average weigh 200lbs. Your size is medium
Speed: You base walking speed is 30 feet.
Raider: You have proficiency with the battleaxe, handaxe, shields, and vehicles (sea).
Tradesmen: The community is important to Volsag and each member develops a trade. You are proficient with one set of artisan’s tools from the following: Carpenter’s tools, Leatherworker’s tools, Smith’s tools, Woodcarver’s tools.
Gifted: Some humans are born with a gift or natural propensity for extraordinary talent and choose to focus on developing these features to the exclusion of others. If you choose this option you may only select one proficiency from the raider trait and are not proficient in any artisan’s tools, but you receive a feat of your choice that you qualify for.


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